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Thank you for the beautiful painting you did for me. I love your use of colour and scale, you have a real gift and I can’t wait to see more of the wonderful work you do!
Taarah Mundy
Sabrina in an age where digital art has become the ‘new age art’ .. finding a piece of art work that talks to me and tells me a story is often hard to come by. I love colour I love people and I love that your paintings give me all this and more. I have four of your paintings that brings life to my home. Good luck for your future as an artist to be reckoned with..
Shikha Tuli
Very few people can discover and unfold their passion to pursue it wholeheartedly like Sabrina, whose work features prominently in my collection. My admirable friend's aesthetic style seems to represent the inclusion of multiple faces and voices of knowledge and deep understanding. Sabrina cleverly and tastefully combines colour and style which create novel and expressive potentials.
Kudos Sabrina and wish you An Amazing and colour splash journey. Best wishes,
Anjali Ashok
Atul Pahwa
Business Development Director