If Art Be The Elixir Of Life, Keep “Arting”

The on-set of COVID-19 marked a hiatus for the serious artist, gallerist, curator and the like. It gave us all the opportunity to recharge our creative batteries, reflect, introspect and connect to our creative sources. Setting up an Etsy shop against the backdrop of 2020, a year when the world economies were in turmoil, is a glowing testament to the unstoppable quality of creativity.

I set up my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RengeBySabrina in late February 2020 – in less than a month, COVID-19 was upon us and the rest is history. Financial insecurity, uncertainty and anxiety became ubiquitous and frugality became the need of the hour. Art, culture and the likes took a backseat and most of the online shopping comprised of essentials. A lot of Etsy shops went into vacation mode as delivering products overseas posed serious challenges.

To me, art has always been a panacea for every solicitude – a complete exercise in mindfulness and the best therapy for anxiety. I unleashed my creativity and stimulated my creative juices by connecting with fellow artists and drawing inspiration from them. The long hours spent before the easel yielded some of my work that features in my Etsy store  and my website 

As I have plunged full-on into amping my Etsy store  and my website 

I am enjoying the process and learning all I need to learn about search engine optimisation, (SEO), digital marketing, social media marketing. 

As a newbie navigating through uncharted territory to promote my work online, my advice to other newbies is – 

  1.  Soak in all the information available on Google and YouTube on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Spend some time every day doing keyword research and running listing audits via websites like Erank.
  3. Research your competitors and top-sellers listings – in other words, take a leaf out of their book, without indulging in plagiarism.
  4. My top tip to sellers is to read the Etsy Sellers Handbook – read it as many times as you need to.
  5. Most importantly, ask yourself what keywords you would type in the search field if you were looking for a product. Bingo!

I look forward to new growth and reaping the rewards of my labour of love.

16 Thoughts to “If Art Be The Elixir Of Life, Keep “Arting””

  1. Nick

    Amazon work. 🙂

  2. Rubina

    A beautiful person inside and out, Sabrina Gill is an artist par excellence. Every painting done by her is from the heart which is evident from the way she conveys her ideas on the canvas so effortlessly. Beautiful details and use of vivid colours always make her a visual treat! I have had two of her paintings in my house and have received a lot of praise and appreciation for them by everyone who has seen them. Kudos and keep up the amazing work!

  3. Damini Khosla

    In the company of Sabrina their-is peace & harmony which reflects in her paintings.Love her work …..specially her doors

  4. Jannat sodhi

    Beautiful work, love the colour scheme used in every painting . unique and eye catching .

    1. Deepali Prasad

      Keep ‘em coming Sabrina. Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderfully creative 2021.

      1. GS G

        Have watched Sabrina grow as an artist and produce some amazing stuff . She is an artist by heart and so determined to do each work with her own special flourish . Her colours are so life like and her concepts brilliant . Go for the stars , young lady – they are within your reach !

  5. Harbir Singh Rai

    A truly accomplished artist. Loved the detailing in her work, which somehow makes each object represented so alive and vivid.

    I particularly love some of her still life work , such as the doorways and arches. Her work has a touch of vibrancy as well as serenity which is a tricky balance to achieve. Happy to have her artwork in our house.

  6. Simran Puri

    Sabrina’s work of art reflects the vibrant culture it depicts. The colours seemlessly enliven the subject, bringing a vivacity that enriches the walls with a unique statement.

  7. Selena Singh

    Beautiful work. Love the peacock

  8. Mrinalini Rautela Pahwa

    We have watched Sabrina’s journey as an artist with immense pride and admiration and are privileged to have her art work grace our home.
    Her use of the colour pallete is bold yet harmonious and the detailing in her work is impressive; whether it is the hint of mischief in Nandi’s eye or the ambivalent expression on Radha’s face which leaves you guessing at her thoughts.
    Her doors and archways bring stories of mystery and the evocative romance of a byegone era alive
    Atul and I wish her the very best in her journey of exploration, experimentation and expression and look forward to the creation of continued magic from her heart and hands

  9. Rayman

    How fortunate are those who get to do what they love. And even luckier are those who fall more in love with their work every day. Congratulations to you and may you spend many hours wrapped up in your work which I know provides you with so much peace!

  10. Henry A S Ledlie

    Unlike Photography your colour creations have added additional life to your paintings with those special strokes which only the gifted have .
    Your door series have me spell bound n I stare into them wanting to , but not being able to open them .
    Keep the passion of your art burning Sabrina …..you will set the art world on flame one fine day .

  11. Saurav Adhikari

    Sabrina is a highly gifted artist who’s work I have admired for a long time. She infuses her paintings with the passion and energy which she sees and experiences around her in life. Her vibrant colours and interpretations of life, people and objects are brought to life on canvas with a rare artistic flourish which comes from her wellspring of deep creativity. Having been to her exhibitions I can vouch for the widespread interest in her work, a genre that draws from her Indian roots, but is global in its appeal.

    I am a huge fan of Sabrina’s work and I think her art needs to be lived with and experienced to genuinely allow it to impact your life space.

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