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Art from the heart

A Sociology graduate from Delhi University by qualification and a spiritualist by instinct, Sabrina has always had an eye for art. She developed a keen interest in the subject at an early age and always knew that she would be an artist; being guided to the subject of her work intuitively.

Mentored by accomplished artists and having mastered the skills required to work with most mediums, Sabrina has developed a distinct style in portraiture and landscapes. Most of her work reflects human emotions, with beauty as the central theme. Her compositions are realistic in style and steeped in the enriching experiences of a life well- travelled as well as a mind spiritually inclined.

 In Sabrina’s own words:

“Art is a passion and I believe that learning fuels creativity. There is no end to learning and I intend to keep exploring. 

Working on a painting transports me into a meditative space, which is therapeutic and a wonderful exercise in mindfulness. Art is a spiritual experience, where all my senses are engaged in creating a beautiful piece of work. The joy of seeing a completed artwork, comes very close to the joy and wonder a mother experiences when she gives birth and far exceeds the thrill of a sale. I spend a minimum of two to three hours of the day at my easel and when in the throes of the creative process, time and surroundings lose their meaning.

Art has taught me much but it has also taught me how much more there is to learn and I intend to continue my journey of self- discovery through art for the rest of my life.”

Imbued with a strong spirit of community Sabrina marries her art to her social conscience by supporting causes close to her heart. Through the proceeds from the sale of her paintings, she supports terminally ill Cancer patients via organisations such as Cansupport.

In addition to her art, Sabrina is a practising Buddhist, (as a member of the Bharat Soka Gakkai), a Reiki master, a tarot card reader, and a gardening enthusiast.